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A poorly-written contract is an invitation to a lawsuit. A well-written contract keeps everyone happy.

A contract is an agreement under which each side offers to do something in exchange for receiving some kind of benefit from the other: Bob promises to give Mary $1,000 each month in exchange for Mary providing an office for Bob, or the House of Widgets promises to manufacture 1,000 machine parts per month and ship them to the Widget Store, which promises in exchange to pay $3.00 per part. The concept itself is simple, but when a contract goes wrong—when one side refuses to perform, or when there’s confusion over what the parties actually agreed to do—things get complicated and expensive (and sometimes heated) very quickly. Often, the end result is expensive litigation and ruined relationships.

Most of these conflicts can be avoided by taking the “ounce of prevention” approach: having the contract professionally drafted and reviewed by experienced legal counsel to make sure that everyone understands the terms and fully agrees to them. At Shelton Legal Services, we are experienced at reviewing agreements to find the hidden ambiguities and potential pitfalls that eventually lead to conflict. We have reviewed and drafted contracts for million-dollar rental properties and $2,000 automobile purchases … and everything in between. We frequently find that parties who thought they were on the same page understood their agreements differently, and we help bridge the gap to reach consensus and avoid problems in the future.

Don’t let today’s deal of the century become tomorrow’s trial of the century. Contact us before you sign on the dotted line so that we can help you find your ounce of prevention and future peace of mind.



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