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As a society, we hope that reasonable adults can work out their problems on their own. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible, and when a dispute reaches an impasse, the proper way to resolve an issue is through the courts.

A “civil” case is any lawsuit in which a person or entity is suing another person or entity to recover money or property, or to force the other side to do (or not do) something specific. These cases may include breach of contract, property disputes, damage to personal property, or fraud. Civil suits are not about “winners” or “losers”; they are an attempt to resolve a conflict between the parties involved. The vast majority of cases are settled long before trial, which is fortunate: a trial is the most expensive, least efficient means of resolving legal disputes. In most cases, it is far better for all of the parties to reach a mutually-acceptable agreement well before the case has to go trial.

This does not mean, however, that it is not necessary to have an advocate representing your interests; in fact, cases in which both sides have competent legal counsel tend to settle faster and with better results for both sides than cases in which one side attempts to “go it alone.” Nor does it mean that trials are never necessary or beneficial; sometimes, the only way to reach a resolution is to have a judge or jury decide the matter.

At Shelton Legal Services, we represent plaintiffs and defendants in a broad spectrum of civil litigation. Our focus is always on the end result: what is the best way to resolve a conflict to achieve the best outcome for our client? This means that we do what we can to resolve matters as early as possible—saving you time and money—while looking at the long-term implications of any resolution that becomes available.

Trials are, unfortunately, unavoidable in some cases. If a trial becomes necessary, we’ll be on your side with the passion, zeal, and trial skills needed to show the judge and jury why your case is the better one…and it doesn’t matter to us how big the law firm on the other side might be. We’d rather represent David than Goliath.

So if you’re being sued—or if someone has caused you damage and won’t make things right—contact us. Find out what we can do to resolve your matter with the best possible outcome.



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